1. Terms and conditions

    By accessing and using all or any web pages under or forming part of the domain name www.racgp.org.au and any other similarly branded webpages which include an authorised link to these Terms of Use (Site), you agree with The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners Ltd ABN 34 000 223 807 (RACGP, College, or we, our and us) to be bound by and abide by the following terms and conditions. Your access to and use of all or part of the Site is also subject to RACGP’s privacy policy. In addition, other terms of use may apply to products and services offered by this Site such as Forums and gplearning. You will be bound by such additional terms, as applicable. You acknowledge that parts of the Site, or the provision of certain functionality of the Site, may be outsourced to third party providers. These Terms of Use apply to any outsourced services, unless you are notified of any alternate terms of use. These terms of use and our privacy policy are the current terms of use for the Site, and replace any other terms of use for the Site previously published on the Site.

  2. Information on this Site

    The information and materials on the Site (Information) is for general information purposes about RACGP and its mission and services. The Information is subject to change at any time without notice. In some cases, the Information may include the views or recommendations of third parties, which may not necessarily reflect RACGP’s views.

  3. RACGP membership

    The RACGP offers a range of flexible payment options for membership; RACGP membership fees can be paid by several means:

    • upfront via PayPal, VISA, MasterCard, AMEX, Cheque, or BPay; or
    • interest free payment terms (6 months, with monthly instalments) via zipMoney;

    including through the introduction of automatic renewals.

    Upfront payment

    Upfront payment of RACGP membership fees will be deducted from nominated PayPal account, VISA, MasterCard, AMEX, cheque, or via BPay. Other forms of credit or debit cards will not be accepted. Amounts will be deducted upon applying.

    It is the member’s (or proposed member’s) responsibility to ensure:

    • the account details provided are correct, and
    • sufficient clear funds are available in the nominated account.

    If your payment is returned or dishonoured for whatever reason, we will attempt to process payment again. If the payment is returned or dishonoured again you will receive notification requesting immediate payment. Your membership will not be confirmed until payment is processed. You are responsible for any resulting fees levied by your financial institution.

    If you believe a withdrawal was initiated incorrectly or without authority, contact RACGP membership on 1800 472 247.

    Interest free instalment plans

    RACGP members may elect to take up the interest free instalment plan to have their RACGP membership fees payable in instalments.

    Interest free instalment plans are available to all approved RACGP members (or proposed members). The interest free facility is offered by zipMoney Pty Ltd (ABN 58 164 440 993; Australian Credit Licence 441878). RACGP members must enter a ‘Zip Line of Credit’ to obtain the benefit of this facility. Minimum Repayment Amounts must be made during the 6 month interest free period, following which any Unpaid Balance will be charged interest at 19.9%. There is no establishment fee for this facility, however a monthly account service fee of $4.95 will be applied for any month when there is an outstanding balance owing.

    Automatic renewals

    As a service to its members, the RACGP now offers an automatic membership renewal facility (renewal facility). This renewal facility takes the effort out of membership renewal, by automating the processes between members and the RACGP. The renewal facility is offered to enable simple, no-fuss payment of your membership.

    Members opting into this renewal facility will benefit from an administration free renewal process, with their membership automatically renewing each year. This renewal facility is available to RACGP members on some upfront and interest free payment plans.

    The renewal facility works by automatically deducting your membership dues, once annually. By joining the renewal facility, you are authorising us to deduct the following year’s membership dues. This will be done on 1 June each year (or the next business day) (renewal date).

    The renewal facility requires you to opt in and agree to the authorisation terms accompanying your application. Membership applications or applications for the renewal facility received after the renewal date will have their payment deducted on application, and the automatic deductions will commence with the next year’s dues.

    If you participate in the renewal facility, you must ensure:

    • there are sufficient funds in your nominated account on the renewal date
    • the details (including contact and nominated account details) you provide are correct at all times, notifying us if they change, and
    • you notify us if your nominated account is transferred or closed.

    To avoid surprises, members will receive a reminder email approximately 30 days prior to the renewal date, reminding them of the upcoming renewal, details of their next year's membership fees, a reference to their nominated account for confirmation, and any changes to the terms and conditions of the renewal program. Members will be able to opt out of the renewal facility via this email.

    You may opt out of the renewal facility by 23 May ahead of the renewal date, by contacting the RACGP on 1800 472 247 or emailing membership@racgp.org.au. Members must make all changes by 23 May prior to the relevant membership year, otherwise your existing membership subscription type and the relevant fee will be charged to your account on the renewal date.

    If payment fails for whatever reason, the RACGP (or if you have opted into the interest free instalment plan, zipMoney) will contact you for resolution. You will then have until 30 June to make the payment. You are responsible for any consequent fees payable by your financial institution. Your membership will not be confirmed until your membership dues are processed.

    If you believe a payment has been processed incorrectly, please contact RACGP membership on 1800 472 247.

  4. Transactions on the Site

    The Site may offer you the ability to enter into transactions, such as for transactions relating to a RACGP product or service (transactions). A transaction will not be complete unless and until:

    • you have issued RACGP with an electronic instruction accepting RACGP’s offer or confirming payment by you (whichever is applicable) (acceptance);
    • such acceptance has been received and processed by RACGP; and
    • you have complied with all applicable terms and conditions notified.

    You acknowledge the RACGP may not receive your acceptance for reasons beyond either party’s reasonable control, including but not limited to, mechanical, software, computer, telecommunications, or electronic failure, or the omission or failure of third party service providers or systems.

    To the extent permitted by law, RACGP is not liable to you in any way for any loss or damage at all and however caused, arising directly or indirectly in connection with the transmission or attempted transmission of an acceptance through the Site, or any failure to receive an acceptance for whatever reason.

    Purchasing products or services

    Where the Site enables you to purchase products or services online:

    • The parties may enter into a contract using the Site by RACGP making an electronic offer via the Site and you electronically communicating your Acceptance of that offer to RACGP via the Site;
    • RACGP may act on and process all completed Acceptances transmitted or issued through the Site without further consent from or reference to you; and
    • RACGP may treat an Acceptance as authentic and is under no obligation to investigate the authenticity or authority of persons issuing or transmitting such Acceptance, or to verify the accuracy and completeness of such Acceptance.

    When entering into a contract via the Site, you will be taken to have communicated your Acceptance only when:

    • RACGP receives and records your Acceptance in its database;
    • A RACGP receipt is generated; and
    • RACGP receives current and valid payment details, to which RACGP is able to charge the appropriate price or fee.

    A binding contract is conditional on RACGP being able to successfully charge and receive payment of the applicable contract price or fee. A binding contract is not conditional on the receipt by you of a receipt. Therefore, the failure by you to receive a receipt via the Site does not invalidate or otherwise prejudice the existence of any contract or transaction entered into using the Site.

    RACGP may or may not issue a paper confirmation of the contract. The existence of a binding contract is not conditional on RACGP issuing, or you receiving, a paper confirmation of the Transaction.

  5. Payments

    All payments for membership fees or any products or services purchased via the Site must be paid in full by clear funds by the due date specified in the relevant confirmation.

    In the case of credit card payments, you must provide to the RACGP’s vendors details of your current and valid credit card, including:

    • credit card type;
    • credit card number
    • name on credit card;
    • expiry date; and
    • verification code.
  6. Your Interaction with the Site

    Some parts of the Site may permit you to provide to RACGP or post, upload, input or submit materials to RACGP through the Site or associated services (Materials). You may not post Materials to this Site containing a virus or other harmful components. Nor may you use language or engage in any activity that is threatening, abusive, vulgar, or which may be interpreted as vilification of others on the grounds of race, or which is discourteous or unlawful. RACGP reserves the right to bar from use persons who contravene this rule and to remove or edit messages or material submitted by users.

    You are responsible for the Materials you post to the Site and you indemnify us against loss of any nature arising from the infringement of third party intellectual property rights by reason of your unauthorised reproduction of works on the Site. You must not post Materials on the Site unless you are the owner of the copyright or have the express permission of the copyright owner to post them. By posting, uploading, inputting, providing or submitting Materials you warrant and represent that you own or otherwise control all of the rights in and to the Materials including, without limitation, the rights necessary to post, upload, input or submit the Materials and You implicitly authorise others to make unauthorised use of the Materials posted by you on the Site.

  7. Communications by Other Users

    RACGP does not represent, warrant or guarantee the validity, accuracy, or reliability of any communications posted by other users or endorse any opinions expressed by users. You acknowledge that your reliance on Material posted on the site will be at your own risk.

  8. Materials provided to RACGP

    RACGP does not claim ownership of any Materials.

    Subject to our privacy policy, you permit RACGP, its affiliates and licensees to use any Materials in connection with the operation of its business, including without limitation the right to copy, distribute, transmit, publicly display, publicly perform, reproduce, edit, translate and reformat the Materials, and to identify the Materials by your name.

    No compensation will be paid in relation to RACGP’s receipt or use of the Materials.

  9. Access to the Site

    RACGP will not be liable if the Site is unavailable for any reason. RACGP may, at its discretion, suspend or disconnect your access to all or part of the Site during technical failure, for maintenance, if you fail to comply with these Terms of Use or if you do anything that RACGP considers may jeopardise the Site.

  10. Intellectual property rights

    RACGP or its licensors own all intellectual property rights (including any copyright, trade mark rights and patent rights) in the Information and the Site. You may download, copy or print reasonable amounts of the Information for your personal, non-commercial use, but must not use it in a commercial way (for example, publishing, selling or modifying the Information) without RACGP’s prior written consent. In particular, you must:

    • acknowledge the source of any selected passage, table diagram or other extract reproduced;
    • not to make any charge for providing the Information to another person or organisation without the prior written consent of RACGP for payment of an agreed copyright fee;
    • not modify the Information without the express prior written permission of RACGP; and
    • include in any copy made the statement: “this material is subject to copyright and may not be reproduced in any form without the express permission of The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners”.

    Nothing in this Site is construed as granting you any licence or right to use any trade mark or other intellectual property right of RACGP without the written consent of RACGP.

    Requests regarding the use of the Information for any purpose other than educational or personal non-commercial uses should be directed to racgp@racgp.org.au.

  11. Restrictions

    In addition to the restriction set out above, you agree that you (and any party connected with you) will not:

    • Use the Site for any purpose that is unlawful or prohibited by these Terms of Use;
    • Use the Site for any purpose which could damage, disable, overburden or impair the Site or interfere with any other party’s use and enjoyment of the Site;
    • Copy, reproduce, alter, modify, create derivative works, distribute, transmit, publicly display, publicly perform, edit, translate or reformat any of the Information without RACGP’s prior written consent;
    • Use any robot, spider, screen scraper, data aggregation tool or other automatic process to monitor, copy or extract any Information, or combine any Information with the information of a third party, without RACGP’s prior written consent; or
    • Reverse engineer, reverse assemble, decompile or otherwise attempt to discover source code or other formulae or processes in respect of the Site.
  12. Links and frames

    If you access the Site via an external link, you are on notice that you do so at your own risk and expense. The existence of the external link shall not be construed as RACGP’s endorsement, sponsorship, approval of, or affiliation with, another person unless the party providing the relevant link is authorised in writing to do so. RACGP reserves the right to object to or have removed any link that it determines in its sole discretion to be inappropriate, inconsistent with RACGP’s rights, the Site’s image and reputation or otherwise creates an undue burden on the Site.

    The Site may also contain links and frames to websites owned or operated by third parties independent of RACGP (External Sites). Such links and frames are provided for convenience only, and RACGP does not endorse, sponsor or approve, and makes no warranties or representations in relation to:

    • The operators of the External Sites;
    • The quality, accuracy, adequacy, completeness, reliability, fitness for purpose or timeliness of the material on the External Sites, or the people who contribute to them; or
    • That the material on the External Sites does not infringe the intellectual property rights of any person.
  13. Disclaimer and exclusion


    • Does not warrant or guarantee the quality, accuracy, adequacy, completeness, reliability, fitness for purpose or timeliness of the Information;
    • Provides the Site and Information on an ‘as is’ basis;
    • Does not guarantee that the Site or External Sites will be error free, free from viruses, that defects will be corrected or that access to the Site or External Sites will function as intended or be uninterrupted;
    • Is not obliged to update the Information or correct any inaccuracy which may become known to RACGP;
    • Excludes, to the maximum extent permitted by law, all warranties (whether express, implied, statutory or otherwise, and specifically any implied warranties or conditions of merchantability, fitness for purpose, title and non-infringement) in relation to the Information, the Site or any material on External Sites accessed via the Site or which link or refer to the Site; and
    • To the maximum extent permitted by law, is not liable to you for any expenses, losses, costs (including but not limited to legal costs), damages or liabilities (whether direct, indirect or consequential) that arise out of or are referable to the Information, Site, External Sites, the supply of any product or service from the Site, or your access to any part of the Site, whether in contract, tort (including negligence), statute or otherwise. If a court decides that RACGP is responsible for any loss, damage, cost or expense, RACGP’s liability is limited to resupplying the Information or the reasonable cost of having it resupplied.
  14. Reliance on advice

    The Information should not be relied upon for personal, medical, legal, investment or financial advice of any kind. You should consult an appropriate professional for specific advice tailored to your situation.

  15. Indemnity

    You indemnify RACGP in respect of any cost, expense, loss, damage or liability suffered or incurred by RACGP as a result of your breach of these Terms of Use, or from your use of the Site.

  16. Survival

    In the event that your access to the Site is suspended or disconnected in accordance with these Terms of Use, all restrictions on you and disclaimers, exclusions and limitations of RACGP's liability set out in these Terms of Use will survive such disconnection or suspension.

  17. Governing law

    The information on the Site is provided for Australian residents only and reflects Australian conditions and laws, and may not be applicable to other countries. These Terms of Use are governed by the laws of Victoria, Australia. By accessing and using the Site, you submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Victoria, Australia.