The number of people who visited their GP in the last 12 months

GPs are the first point of contact for most Australians, whether it is to address immediate health concerns, preventative health approaches or the management of chronic conditions.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics Patient Experience Survey, 82% of Australians visited their GP in the previous 12 months, compared to 36% who visited a specialist.

The RACGP Foundation puts findings from evidence-based research immediately into the hands of GPs at the frontline of our health system.


The proportion of national health funding awarded for primary healthcare

General practice is the most commonly used health service in Australia, reaching millions every year. Yet only 2% of National Health and Medical Research Council grants were awarded for primary care research health funding.

Ensuring the best possible health outcomes for all Australians means investing in research where the majority of people seek support and treatment – general practice.

The RACGP Foundation, and our partners, fund research in primary healthcare settings, building a relevant and immediate evidence-base that is purpose-built for primary healthcare.


RACGP Budget Submission

The amount of additional funding raised for every dollar invested by the RACGP Foundation

The RACGP Foundation grants program has funded millions in general practice research, with the majority of research projects going on to be published in high impact peer review journals.

These projects have contributed to important research findings for general practice, opportunities for career researcher and improved evidence-based clinical practice.

Recipients of the RACGP Foundation also show high success rates in securing further research funding, with the return on investment ($6.60) significantly higher than many other medical research fields.


Lim T, Stungo C, Magin P, Abbott P, Jiwa M, Winzenberg T. (2016). Leveraging the funding dollar: outcomes of RACGP Foundation research grants. In: 2016 Primary Health Care Research Conference: Program & Abstracts. Primary Health Care Research and Information Service, Australia.

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