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The RACGP Foundation was founded in the 1950s to support general practitioners and general practice registrars to conduct medical research into primary health care and develop research career pathways. We do this by raising funds to support a diverse range of research grants, scholarships, fellowships and awards that provide opportunities to undertake this valuable research.

The RACGP believes strongly in the importance of research in general practice. Our research grants acknowledge the vital contribution general practitioners make in furthering medical advancements within the community.

By participating in research, general practitioners are building the evidence that is necessary to deliver the highest quality care and best health outcomes to all Australians. Around 82% of all Australians visit a GP each year and how patients are treated in general practice must be based on sound research. Much of this evidence can only be acquired from research in the general practice setting, making continued investment in this worthwhile cause vital.


By donating or collaborating with us, we can create a healthier nation together.

A nation whose story is as remarkable as the people within it and the good people who are pioneering the effort to close the gap on indigenous health, prevent harmful epidemics and improve the mental health care across the country.

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