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The RACGP recognises that improving the health of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people is one of Australia's highest health priorities. The RACGP supports research which makes a difference to health outcomes, policy and practice, and the capacity of general practice to engage Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people's health issues. It particularly encourages a systematic approach to strategic and policy-driven research focusing on primary care, developing collaborative approaches and the building of research capacity within populations and communities.

In 2003, the then RACGP President Professor Michael Kidd, waived his right to any form of payment and placed his allowance in a secure interest bearing account with the interest to be used as the basis of an annual award to support general practice initiatives in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health. The RACGP Indigenous Health Award was offered for the first time in 2004. The award aims to build a wealth of research knowledge to draw on to improve Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health outcomes, and also to develop and encourage researchers in this important field of work in Australia.

Award Details

One or more RACGP Indigenous Health Awards, valued at up to $9,000 in total (excluding GST), are available for a 12 month period to provide support for:

  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander medical students 
  • medical students to gain experience in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health 
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander medical graduates undertaking GP training 
  • GP registrars and GPs undertaking research and educational projects in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health 
  • other activities supporting the provision of high quality health care to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people 


Applicants for the RACGP Indigenous Health Award must be:

  • a medical student; OR
  • a general practitioner or general practice registrar. 

Selection criteria

Applications will be assessed against the following criteria:

  • training potential for applicants 40%
  • significance and relevance to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health 20%
  • quality of the proposal 20%
  • value for money 10%
  • potential to build capacity in general practice clinical care, research and/or education and training 10%

Applications open on Tuesday 7 March 2017 and will close on Monday 8 May 2017 at 5pm AEST. Please click here to apply.

This award is made available by a fund established by Professor Michael Kidd AM and supported by RACGP member donations. 

For more information email

RACGP Indigenous Health Award Grant application form (PDF 714KB)

Information for Applicants (PDF 898KB)

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