RACGP Grants

TGL/RACGP Foundation Research Grant

This grant focuses on use and/or implementation of guidelines in general practice.

MAIC/RACGP Foundation Research Fellowship

This fellowship encourages general practitioners to undertake research on issues related to the management of RTC injuries which are relevant to GPs, their patients and local communities.

RACGP Foundation /HCF Research Foundation Research Grant

This grant focuses on research into health services issues of relevance to general practice.

RACGP Foundation/Diabetes Australia Research Grant

This grant supports research into diabetes management, prevention, and/or clinical care in general practice.

RACGP Foundation/IPN Medical Centres Research Grant

This grant encourages research in innovation in chronic disease management in general practice.

RACGP Foundation/BOQ Specialist Research Grant

This grant encourages innovation in preventative healthcare in general practice.

RACGP Foundation/ANEDGP Research Grant

The purpose of this grant is to conduct research within the former boundary of the Adelaide North East Division of General Practice.

Family Medical Care Education and Research (FMCER) Grant

This grant is to encourage and support GPs in the early stages of their research career to conduct research into an aspect of primary health care.

Indigenous Health Award

This grant aims to support the provision of high quality health care to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Chris Silagy Research Scholarship

This grant supports research into an aspect of evidence-based primary health care.

Walpole Grieve Award

This award supports an early career researcher to travel for research or educational purposes.

Charles Bridges-Webb Memorial Award

This award is targeted at general practice registrars who recently were, currently are or will be undertaking an academic term in a discipline of general practice or rural health.

Iris and Edward Gawthorn Award

This is awarded to the registrar in general practice who scores the highest score on the Cardiovascular and Respiratory components on the Fellowship Exam.

Peter Mudge Medal

This medal is awarded to a presenter at the annual RACGP conference whose original research has the most potential to influence daily general practice.

Alan Chancellor Award

This award is presented to the best new researcher in the field of general practice at the annual RACGP conference.

Best General Practice Research Article in the AJGP Award

This award is for the best general practice research article in the AJGP (formerly the Australian Family Physician) and is awarded annually.