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A Good Fit: How one GP is changing the shape of Australia

Pushing a very heavy wheelbarrow up a very steep hill:. This is how GP Dr Elizabeth Sturgiss describes the difficulty facing an overweight or obese patient...

A Million Reasons Why: Tackling The Diabetes Epidemic

Ask anyone who has experienced living with diabetes. It’s a disease that can take a huge toll physically, emotionally and mentally...

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Blow Away The Smokes: Tobacco and indigenous health

While most of us hold the stereotype of a researcher as being a hard-nosed, data obsessed number cruncher, GP Associate Professor Gillian Gould has a different take. She sees an important role for storytelling...

The Crying Game: Dealing with the discontented baby

Most new parents know the feeling. The exhausted trudge to the nursery after yet another two am wake up call from a distressed newborn...


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